Double Dose of Blogs, Please

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The New Year has rang in & with it the resolutions held so far or already fallen aside, although some things will never change. For far too many of us, we’ll spend quite some time after to be remembering to change that “6” to a “7”.

I’ve not really given any resolutions for the New Year, aside from striving toward better organization and time management skills and practices. Yet having two blog places for a lifelong procrastinator is admittedly stretching it way too thin. As is some of our midwestern bodies of water this winter.

So my plan is to streamline these two: this one on WordPress and the other on my (been holding off on going full throttle last year, actual first year of my) website. Instead of continuing as I had been trying to do to little avail of either posting to one or the other and then sharing the links here and on social media sites (many of those links below, more constant posts, shares and updates!), I will make all attempts to simplify and more often post to both by simpler means of copy/paste and such.

This will surely incorporate some personal issues as well as crafty busyness or the small, home business I’m striving to promote, produce and provide for any and all that I possibly can. This will make entries for that day/ week, the same on both but more effective on consistency and maybe my sanity. Though not holding my breath for the latter!

Still debating between stocking up to do craft fairs, shows and booths &/or online sales. I’m always open for information and feedback, so please comment, message, email me anything you’d like to see, read, share, learn and more!!! Of course, I always appreciate the efforts you make in positively posting my links and sharing my information, links and posts anywhere, everywhere, with family and friends!!!

I truly hope your New Year is brighter and better than ever before!! I also hope you’ll come back all the time and join my journey by following &/or adding me to your bookmarks, friends lists, liked pages, etc.

Hello, 2017!!! Looks like we made it!!!